I have made it my business to constantly move every year since I left my parents home.
This will be the first year that I choose to stay put.
The economic climate seems so unfriendly I’m hesitant to stay in the apartment I’m in because rent alone is over a thousand dollars. My room mate bailed out on me four months into the lease last year and now I’m alone with a cat in a double bedroom and double bath on the first floor (fuckin’ bugs).
I don’t want to stay really cuz my checkbook all ready is under stress. But also, this place is the closest I’ve felt to being home. And I really hate moving.
I have so much stuff and my furniture is so gigantic…I’m kind of tired of moving. If I moved I’d save about two grand…
Two grand that would probably go straight to gasoline.
Hard to say when you’re running on ice this thin in an economic climate similar to the preludes of Hurricane Katrina with 6 dollar gas well on its way and trouble brewing on the horizon like Sauron’s flaming eye in Mordor…
but maybe I’m just a pessimist and we’re not totally screwed.
maybe I’m a Chinese Jet Pilot.

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