There is nothing quite like the smooth silky taste of pure spanish chocolate. It is not sweet like the fools of america have made it. It is bitter, it is striking, it is everything that real chocolate should be; and robust in its attitude as it strikes the tongue.
    It is my undefeated foe.
    I catch its scent on the wind and instantly desire its company, yet knowing that, for all its bountiful flavor, it is the enemy that makes my hips too wide for my jeans. What villain concocted such a delight as this poison? It relieves the aches and pains of the spirit while attacking the body, yet bringing joy to the brain and senses. Who needs drugs of more complicated scientific names when God himself made such an addiction as this?
    Can such a simple thing as chocolate, kill you? By clogging of the pours or concreting of cellulite, it bears no deadly ill. Yet for all the pleasure it creates in True Addicts, in the noble abusers of chocolate treats, it is no more harmful than a glass of wine.
    And dark spanish chocolate goes so well with wine.

2 thoughts on “Indulgence

  1. I’m reminded of a long-ago “scientific” experiment done on prisoners, in England, I think.  One was given nothing but tea, another nothing but coffee, and another nothing but chocolate.  All sickened, but in fascinatingly different ways.  I’ll have to see if a search engine can help me retrieve the details.

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