Dear You,

    Was wanting to come home so badly today just so that I might see you a couple of hours before you headed off to work again, I almost packed myself in a box to go Next Day Air UPS to Colorado.

   I can’t get used to the idea of Vacation, it just doesn’t seem right to be this far away from you with the intention of “relaxing” because, the fact of the matter is, the only time that I actually relax is when I’m with you. I don’t have to go to any hot spring/spa to relish a good and peaceful day, when I could just as easily stay home and enjoy a night on my ever-so-comfy couch, drinking tea while listening to you talk about a book or something you had recently seen.

   The connection we share with each other, whatever it may be, is something I’m sure other people covet. I can’t vouch for your feelings, but I know my own and I can say, without a doubt, that the past few months we’ve been together have been some of the best for me. And I can only hope that the next few months are equally comfortable.

   I miss you dearly, and love you more, and can’t wait to see you tomorrow. I guess it’s my family genes, as soon as I get somewhere, I want to go home. But I think that you’re a major part of the reason why ever night, down here on my quaint spring break, I’ve been dreaming about you and waking up in disappointment when I realize your not there next to me.

   See you soon, babe,


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