I woke upon the rocks
of an island in the sea
no boat, no food, no hope
just me.
I don’t know how I got there
I don’t really wonder why
God must have a plan for me
and so I didn’t cry.
Instead I sat upon the stone
which had no real space to sleep
and contimplated my singular fate
as I stared into the deep.
But then as the sun went down
and the wind began to blow cold
I saw a gray fin circling me
and felt death’s embrace enfold.
And hopelessness then took me
as the stars began to flash on high
and I looked at old Polaris
staring from the northern sky.
I made a wish which had no words
it was spoke from the soul
and as I finished it I heard
the sound of death’s bell toll.
I then stood, rather than fear
and decided now was the time
to test my free will against fate
as the Three Fates cut my life-line.
With a less than beautiful dive
I hit the water with a splash of ice
and that which hunted me
was upon me in a thrice.
But then I woke within my bed
and a pounding headache in my head
and my clothes were soaked in sweat instead
of the water and sea beast that would make me dead.
And I thought to myself, “was that a dream?”
is that what I ought to deem?
But then I smiled and lay back down
to re-test my fate against
the Man in the Bright Nightgown.

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