what is the dream becoming?
feigning reality
what is my dream doing
to me…
I’m losing feeling, losing sight
losing life with a valiant fight
I’m seeking something
a world away
wanting nothing
but to finish the story today
and then perhaps
when the dreamings ended
when the tale has been told
God will forgive my exercise
and allow me the pleasure
of not growing old
using a measure
he might despise.
The Fog’s just lifting
on the Sandman’s sleep
and if I look hard enough
I can see what I seek.
Seranish rises, a moon of blue gold
a place for me, and me alone
a world away where I’ll never grow old
a place close to heaven…I can call home.

One thought on “

  1. im not sure i know what you mean… am i a muse? or was she? because she wasnt… she was a rich lady with a heart of lead, no soul to speak of, just a simple mammal with reptilian urges…

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