The Mind

    Disheveled memories
        hiding out in the back alleys
    of blue and gold cities
            under the tramway stations
    in caves of toxic fumes
                and dripping water pipes
    making every moment
        another rainy day
        another stormy afternoon
                in the eternal monsoon
                                        that floods the mind
    sending the soul kayaking
    through causeways of the past
        on rapids and waterfalls
            not unlike the rollercoasters
        of day to day life…
            and as the boat goes by
                its paddles striking tear-filled rivers
    broken dreams and heart felt wishes make the dive
       tossed like coins into the Fountain of Youth
            transforming the depths of fancy and fear
                                    for a single soul making passage
        through the hard times
    under a blue and gold city
        of nebulas and aurora borealis
    of flashbulb thoughts
        that will one day be crumpled up
            and flung into the sewers
                    to be lost on the tide.

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