Another day to pass me by
the world is spinning faster
Mom and Dad say its out of control
with only one place to go…
but I secretly smile
while the world’s apparently ending
because I know the truth
I saw it in a déjå vu in my dreams
and unlike Neo (who thought they changed something)
I knew that it wasn’t in the world
to make such a drastic change
it was in me as one individual
gifted by God the power of Free Will
and while another day is to pass me by
I know secretly, that’s why I smile
the world’s just fine, not in any turmoil
it’s the people that are here
playing with the planet like a spinning top
that need me to put them to a stop…
and apathy and time aside, which they must never be put…
I’ll be saving the world
this time, tomorrow.

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  1. A very nice observation and reflection.  In “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” Robert Pirsig makes a similar point.  The way to change, is first within.  The one thing we can change.  Thank you.

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