Braggarts and Rage

hard for you?
take your pick
twixt friend and foe
make it stick
blow for blow?
I’ll throw down
kick your mind
straight out of town.
I’m not some gangster
nor hitman
with his fancy gun
but make no mistake
I sure as hell
ain’t gonna run.
I’m sick of this bullshit
and how you’ve gone deaf
in both ears
I’m sick of the coddling
I’ve done all these years.
Grow a pair, bucko
and speak your damn mind
or I swear to you
and believe me
I’ll leave you behind.
Cause I can’t abide cowards
I don’t like how they think
so get some Jack Daniels
and have a tall drink.
Because obviously, friend
you need some lube for your thoughts
and liquor and gutlessness
seems to be all that you got.
Now take a hike, darlin’
and call me when you’re ready
I’ll bring my pistol at seven
and my aims awfully steady,
in quick draw competitions
involving love and pride
I’ll shoot straight and surely
I’ve got nothing to hide.
This is all for your benefit
all for you and your dream
but maybe you should consider…
I’m in a whole different league.

3 thoughts on “Braggarts and Rage

  1. I really liked this one them’s fightin’ words.. it made me sad a little there at the end ’cause league doesn’t rhyme so well with dream… haha! serves him right

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