hold me till I fall asleep
and hold me while I dream
to you, my heart, please keep
you are all I can see.
I fell in love with your smile
with the way you joke
you insult, you criticize
I craved your touch
I craved your kiss
but dared not step too close
for your love is like land mines
and it’ll blow me to the moon
and I may not be able to handle
the fall back to the ground
but I’m aiming for the stars
past the lunar wave and mars
I’m seeking eternal sunshine
that glitters in my eyes
and I’ll take this step forward
and say the sacred words
that will bind my heart to yours
and send me rocketing into the unknown
of a love forever ours.

2 thoughts on “

  1. Honestly? I think you write too much poetry. You need to save some of it in, rather than chugging it out constantly. That way you’re going to just be able to put it all together better.

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