too much confusion
100% over the limit
of Days Of Our Lives class
brought on by girls
who have guy friends
who invade the group
cause things to end
it ain’t quite fair
nor is it quite right
that all girls do
is cause a million different fights
where the same words hurt
and the same hearts broken
until it’s decided
for well and for certain
that guys
are better off
without girls.

The Irony:

My Horoscope:
Daily extended (by
There is much to be
learned from conflict and trial. After all, it’s very high pressure
that produces diamonds, right? It might not please you to look ahead
and see a few dramas, but after this day is all over you will be a
better person for them. Not every day can be a breeze, and going
through a rough patch will make you all the more appreciative when you
encounter smooth waters once again. Ride out the problems, and it will
be smooth sailing sooner than you think.

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