You’re the wind in my sails
the laugh in my eyes
the glow in my smile
the blue in my skies
you’re all that I’ve wanted
and never quite had
completely undaunted
yin of yang, good and bad.

You don’t just complete me
you add to my soul
you’re a million shiny memories
you’re my nearly-missed goal.
But I caught you at the last moment
the shooting star late at night
one wish, ever so brilliant
a new, sunny, guiding light.

You’re my sarcastic Prince Charming
the person that I dreamed of
you send my heart to acheing
and you’re the man that I’d love
But you don’t even see me
don’t even know that I’m here…
and I show my feelings badly
hiding behind fear.

I’m just one more dweeb friend
that’s known you for so long
and our friendship might end
if it turns out I was wrong
because I can love you truly
for forever and a day
but if you don’t choose to love me…
I’ll have to say that it’s okay…

They call it unrequited love
and my feelings just may be
but at least I have a pen to write of
the love for you from me.

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