A Bedtime Thought

In the shadows of a sleepless night

   Spent alone in a
sorrowful wanting

I suffer from a night terrors vicious bite

   And hear its
deranged and despairing taunting.

My souls second half, the yang of the yin

   Kidnapped by a
daytime creature clever and unseen

By what means the rescue, how could I win?

   To find my feelings
once more, my love would be redeemed.

Still in the darkness of the depths of the door

   No smile, no
laughter, no presence can I fantasize

Seperated from dreaming by the devils demented war

   And soon in those
thrashing are my horrors realized.

For a moment I feel the presence

   of someone who is
warm and kind

no trepidation in their touch, no hesitance

   as they allay the
fears from my raging mind.

“Swear you’ll never leave me

   stay always at my

the words I scribe do not come cheaply

   my feelings I just
cannot hide.”

But this breath of comfort’s gone once more

   And the shadows
chill my will and spirit

Once again does peace vanish, leave darkness at my door

   And within the
silence your retreat…I cannot hear it.

I sob then quietly into a pillows ivory case

   Until the sheets
are stained wet with my pain

Now a Cast Away in the dark vast of space

   No stars to guide
me or gravity to steady my aim.

For though drawn to you there where you cannot exist

   I still seek your
presence each of my days and nights

And while these nightmares may growl and persist

   Within the memory
of your gaze on mine I see heavens lights.

The memory of you is like water now

   Sometimes strongly
flowing and brilliant

At others shadowed and calm in the chill of snow

    But still you
remain in my dreams truly vibrant.

3 thoughts on “A Bedtime Thought

  1. i have just subbed to the sumlime writer blog…i thought i would drop by and i found such beautiful words and imagery…just lovely…
    make the day great!

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